LED High Bay Light for Food Factory Lighting 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz

LED high bay light LCD-ATNSF-200W-LNXX  for food processing area and applicationsFood processing plants require a lot of correct lighting, and well-lit areas means safety, and more for individuals. Such as workers look to get their jobs done in an efficient manner, the brightness and uniform becomes a factor and LCD&nb

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LED high bay light LCD-ATNSF-200W-LNXX  for food processing area and applications
Food processing plants require a lot of correct lighting, and well-lit areas means safety, and more for individuals. Such as workers look to get their jobs done in an efficient manner, the brightness and uniform becomes a factor and LCD IP69K Food Processing High Bay available for use in harsh environments like food & beverage, garden centers and industrial facilities. There is no glass or exposed screws which meet requirements of NSF for food processing applications. The IP69K waterproof structure is perfect for hose down cleaning areas. The LCD High Bay Series fixtures allow the benefits of LED to be applied at high mounting heights in food processing facilities that were traditionally exclusive to HID. LED elements are absolutely grand, and can be absolutely cost effective. Better lighting is needed if the lights are from a bygone era. Food processing is made easier when there is a luminous display, with high tech.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz

LCD the correct product for food processing factories lighting solution

Regarding traditional lighting solution for food processing factories, not all led lighting fixture products are suitable for that. Because for food processing factories, not only lighting performance must to be concerned, but also the fisrt important thing is the safety to food and whole processing. In addition, cleaning simple  also need to be thought about. That is why you must say LCD food processing LED high bay light is the right solution for food processing factories.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
Way to Improve Food Manufacturing Safety:
1.No toxic chemicals in material at all .
2.Safe powder coating surface treatment.Making the lamp to be good looking, corrosion-resistant and anti-aging.
3.No temper glass to be worry about.LCD use PC cover instead of temper glass to prevent shards from falling into foods in processing plants' brings ultra high safety performance.
4.No exposed screws.All the screws are well hided ingeniously, protecting the foods well away from dropping metal accessories.
5.Professional certificate for food grade, NSF.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
1.Water drop shape & smooth  body Definitely impresses with its special surface coating, to which neither water nor dust adhere. etc.
2.IP69K, the highest protection available for food processing , well keep dust and vapour from outside entering.IP66 ingress protection and special appearance design make it easily clean
LCD has a sealing and stable structure that is able to withstand jets of water up to 1500-1700Psi daily directly.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
As a speciously looking common high bay, it is also outstanding:

1.High efficacy, up to 140-150lm/W.
2.Voltage: 220-240VAC, 100-277VAC;
3.Optional beam angles 60° / 90° ,Optic lens can be replaced easily
4. Installation: suspension mount.
5.Intelligent control: Microwave motion Sensor could save more energy.
6.attractive white fixture colour  brings you a extremely simple style.
7.Full certificates and reports: CE, RoHs, SAA, TUV, IP66, IP69K.
8.Excellent Thermal Management.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
Food Processing Plants
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Chemical Facilities
Beverage Processing
Poultry and Meat Processing
Pet-food Production
Grain and Sugar Production
Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
Technical Specifications:
Type / light sourceLED / light emitting diode SMD3030 or SMD5050
Triplex bracket and framestainless steel #316 or 304
Installation instructionsFastening at the cable duct,As an alternative, on the ceiling,Alternatively, using the rope system
Lamp housingtotally copper freeAluminum #1070  / extruded/power-coated
Finished housingred or grey
Useful lifeApprox. 75,000 hours of operation
Protection class IP 65 / IP66
Operating temperature-30°C to +50°C
Suitable for exterior areas Yes
Voltage / frequency100-277V AC / 50-60 Hz
Light output:
Color temperature ...................................... 3000K 4000K 6500K (full spectrum)
Color rendering index ................................ Ra > 75
Chip efficiency ........................................... >150-200 lumen / watts
System efficiency ....................................... >130-160 lumen / watts
Lumen continuity ........................................ >80%at 100.000 hrs
Light outlet ................................................. Lenses / adjustable

Dairy barn lighting intended to enhance performance requires that the barn be lit evenly with 200-350 lux.Lactating cows need 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness. Dry cows, on the other hand, need 8 hours of light and 16 hours of darkness. The economic efficiency of this investment is due to not only the higher yield produced by the cows but also the improved health and fertility of the animals.
Other possible applications of the LED-LCD-LYEGM-K123-LAMP for indoor and outdoor use:
Industrial enterprises, manufacturing shops, food plants, cold storage facilities,warehouses, parking garages/lots, traffic lights,agriculture, cattle barns, workshops, grain stores, etc.

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
- The benefits -
LEDs help conserve energy! .....
A 200 Watt LED light flood generates the same output as a 2000 Watt halogen lamp
LED lamps last for a long time!....Offering a burning life of approx. 50,000 hrs, they will last for 20-25 years when used 6 hours a day. Their capacity will then still be approx. 70% of their initial brightness.
LED lamps are robust!.....No other lamps are as resistant to vibrations, blows and percussions as LED lights
LEDs without UV and infrared radiation....The light spectrum of the LEDs is within the "visible range" and free of UV or infrared radiation. This prevents the plastic enclosure from becoming "brittle" and provides for a gentler illumination of the products. Better still, LED lighting does not attract any flies(insects).
LED lamps are more expensive upfront!....LED lamps are slightly more costly than conventional lamps.However, this is only true as far as the purchasing price is concerned. You will find that the benefits of lower energy,installation and servicing costs as well as the long useful life afford you a quick return on your investment.
Notice on LED installation!...The heat generated by the LED lamp needs to be dissipated appropriately. This will extend the useful life and guarantee a high light output over the long run.
LED disposal!...LED lamps are plain electric scrap rather than hazardous waste such as fluorescent or halogen lamps or energy-efficient lamps which contain mercury.
LEDs - no maintenance costs!...Thanks to their long useful life LED lamps usually do not require a change of the illuminants

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz NzFood Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz

Food Factories Lighting with LED High Bay Light 200W IP69K 220V 50Hz Nz
Q1 Are you a trading company or factory?
A: We are the factory in ShenZhen city China. We have IECEx, ISO9000 and ISO9001 quality system and R&D department and ERP system too. Most of our products with CE, RoHs, SAA,C-tick, IECEx, Atex,UL,ETL and TUV certificated and we can work with our customers to get what on requests certificates.

Q2 Can we make our own label on the sample lights?
A: Yes, you do and you can like what you want such as label, logo, printing box and carton.

Q3 If our project is by ocean side, what if your lights be anti-corrosion?
A: We have our own Marine LED lighting fixtures series just focusing on Maritime condition with 7 years warranty.
So you don't worry about that issue.

Q4 I really would like to try a sample firstly, is that possible?
A: Yes, that's sure and you the most welcome. Special service for special customer!

Q5 We now have a football stadium project need to do a lighting solution optic design and plan; can you help us?
A: Yes, we do, we are the leader of outdoor high-power LED flood lights and fixtures solution experts and factory, our R&D department can provide you some idea about the best lighting solution and plan.

Q6 I have a football field or a tennis court for a lighting solution, what's your suggestion?
A: Could you please give me the below information:
  1. the area of the dimension L X W,
  2. the location and height of the light fixture poles,
  3. the requirement of the illumination.

LCD has helped lots of customers in many projects not only as a manufacturer of conventional LED lights for industry, but above all in the segment of the development of special lights. A very important and challenging field is that of the explosion-proof lights. The development of High-quality lights for this area worked and sustainability has necessary certificates guaranteed.

Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Led Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Glob Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Emergency Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Floodlights
Ex-proof Zone 2 Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Portable Lighting Fixtures
Ex-Proof Tank Lighting Fixtures
Ambiance générale
L'éclairage général est essentiel pour le bien être de vos salariés et de vos clients. Bureaux, commerces, entrepôts, ateliers, nos solutions s'adaptent parfaitement à vos besoins

Eclairage grande hauteur
Les luminaires difficiles d'accès ou positionnés à des hauteurs élevées entrainent des coûts de maintenance importants : nos solutions LED apportent une réponse efficace tout en réduisant considérablement les coûts de maintenance.

Eclairage des façades de bâtiment
Présents sur les immeubles de bureaux et les bâtiments industriels, cet éclairage assure deux fonctions : sécurité des usagers et mise en valeur des bâtiments.

Ecoles, gymnases, maisons de retraite sont des lieux typiquement très éclairés et gros consommateurs d'énergie. Une approche technique est souvent nécessaire afin de respecter les normes et apporter un niveau d'éclairement satisfaisant.

Eclairage technique
Nous intervenons également sur des sujets techniques comme les éclairages de vitrine ou les éclairages inviolables des lieux de haute sécurité.

Projecteur LED à usage domestique
Projecteur LED à usage intensif - gamme professionnelle
Projecteur LED avec détecteur à usage domestique
Projecteur LED de chantier rechargeable
Accessoires pour projecteurs LED
Projecteur LED RGB
Projecteur LED solaire
Luminaire industriel LED étanche
Ampoule LED industrielle et éclairage public
Eclairage entrepôts



Extérieurs ou intérieurs. Éclairage de forte puissance
Étanche LED ultra performant à choix de puissance intégré.

Proiettore rettangolare
Proyector rectangular
Proyector cuadrado  
Proiettore Quadro
Proiettore a LED
Proyector a LED
un proiettore a led dimmerabile 1-10V dotato di un driver  
lampade a led, faretti led da interno, plafoniere led, luci led da incasso, spot a led
L'illuminazione industriale led
lampade industriali
lampade led industriali
lampadario industrial
l'illuminazione led industrial
l'illuminazione industriale a led
l'illuminazione industriale
L'illuminazione industriale led
dell'illuminazione per ufficio
lampada ufficio
l'illuminazione led industrial
plafoniere industriali led
plafoniera led industrial
L'illuminazione led industrial
lampade industriali led - lampade a led per capannoni industriali, fari a led per capannoni industriali, luci led per ufficio
luci industriali
l'illuminazione capannoni
fari industriali a led

Iluminacion Industrial Exterior
Iluminacion Industrial Exterior
Iluminación Exterior
Iluminación Led Industrial

Eclairage extérieur
Projecteurs de dernière
Eclairage technique
Eclairage commercial
Projecteurs linéaires professionnels
Projecteurs professionnels

LED Industri belysning
LED industri taklamper
LED 75 watt Modul Lyskaster
LED Taklampe 100 watt
LED 300watt 4bay lyskaster
LED lineær industri taklampe 50watt
LED Idrettplass/ Flyplass
LED 200 watt lyskaster
LED 1000 watt lyskaster arena
LED 30watt og 50watt lyskaster med bærestativ
LED 30 watt 12/24volt lyskaster 12/24VDC
LED Lyskaster 100 watt 24 Volt 24VDC
LED tunnel lys
LED tunnel lys model
LED nødlys
LED nødlys lampe modell  
LED nødlys IP66 modell

LED eksplosjon beskyttet
LED lys eksplosjon sikker lampe IP66 modell  
LED lys eksplosjon beskyttet lampe IP66 modell
LED lys eksplosjon sikker lampe IP66 modell
LED lys eksplosjon beskyttet lampe IP66 modell
LED lys eksplosjon sikker lampe IP66 modell  

LED 200 watt lyskaster IP66
LED 75 watt Modul Lyskaster IP67
LED lyskaster 720 watt IP67
LED industrilampe IP66 model 27
LED industrilampe / lyskaster IP66 model 25
LED lys lampe IP66 model 22
lyskaster 100W LED IP65

pendel 250W IP23

LED Bouwlamp 24W/48W NaturalWhite 4500K
Stadium Floodlight 60W tot 240W 125Lm/W
Profile Flood Light 120W

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