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2022-06-18 21:05:44 By : Ms. Catherine Zou

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The mini capacitance probes are available in three models: MCP-100, MCP-200 and MCP-300. The models are respectively used in point level measurement for liquids, solids and detection of liquids.

The MCP-100 compact sensor is useful for measuring the level and detecting pressure in water-based liquids. This probe is an economical, hygienic sensor for liquids when users have an FDA or 3A requirement. It is perfect for small fittings on users’ existing tanks. The MCP-100 ensures hygienic process control for food, pharma and beverage.

Image Credit: Bedfont® Scientific Ltd

The MCP-100 is ideal for sanitary use in the processing of food, beverages (such as soft drinks, beer and juices), milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. It can also be used in water purification processes by bottlers of drinking water, soft drinks, beer or juices for human consumption.

In the area of pharmaceuticals, the MCP-100 ensures the hygienic processing of liquids added to OTC and prescription medications or supplements for animals or humans.

The MCP-100 can be easily set up using Wireless Bluetooth on a user’s phone or can be programmed on a PC. The probe offers visual alerts through a colorful LED to indicate status display with adjustable coloration.

The hygienic connectors provided in the MCP-100 come in the form of stainless steel 316L ½″ NPT, ¾″ NPT and G1/2 fittings. PLC integration can be achieved by connecting the probe to a control system through an IO-link. The MCP-100 comes in custom configurations with short lead times and quick price quotes.

The MCP-200 compact sensor helps perform level detection for light bulk solids. It serves as a cost-effective sensor for level monitoring while processing materials with high hygiene requirements. It is also perfect for vessels that require small fittings.

Image Credit: Bedfont® Scientific Ltd

The MCP-200 can be used as a solids level indicator for the food, pharma and beverage industries. It can be used in regular settings or even in FDA environments for milling (perfect for wet or dry milling), to detect if the hopper is empty, and to prevent outages that can cause undue equipment wear.

In the area of medicines or supplements, the MCP-200 ensures a continuous supply of active ingredients and empty capsules into the capsule-filling process. Thanks to the point level measurement, overfilling of finished capsule vessels is prevented.

The MCP-200 helps monitor differential pressure and low and high levels in vessels and storage tanks used for filtration and separation, for example, in the brewing process. In tank feeders, the instrument helps perform point level monitoring of pelleted feed to guarantee tanks do not operate empty in aquaculture and at fisheries.

It is easy to configure the MCP-200 using wireless Bluetooth on a phone or by programming on a PC. The MCP-200 offers visual alerts through a colorful LED to provide status display with adjustable coloration.

The instrument features hygienic connectors with G½″, G1″ with metallic sealing, G1″ with o-ring, or a welded socket. PLC integration can be performed by connecting the instrument to a control system through an IO-link. Custom configurations of the MCP-200 also come with short lead times and quick price quotes.

The MCP-300 is a small-sized sensor that comes with stainless steel tube extensions with a length of 2.5″–9.8″. This probe is ideal for users who require a compact capacitance probe in a custom length, intend to perform flooding detection in a pump room and have an FDA requirement.

Image Credit: Bedfont® Scientific Ltd

The customized and compact MCP-300 probes serve both regular and hygienic applications for versatile point level detection. When used in pump rooms, the MCP-300 probes safeguard pumps against water damage due to water leaks. In breweries, these probes maintain the correct levels in wort tanks and foamy hops.

In the area of dairy culture, the MCP-300 helps control fermentation processes while producing butter, yogurt, cheeses and kefir. In the foodstuffs sector, it helps meter the level of enzymes or coagulants added to milk while making cheese.

Tube extensions are available in different lengths such as 2.5″, 3.9″, 5.9″, 7.9″ or 9.8″. The color of the LED status light changes according to the sensor status. The hygienic design of the MCP-300 features fittings and connectors for easy sanitation. The FDA approvals offered to MCP-300 enable its use in the production of pharmaceuticals, food or beverages. Users can get the MCP-300 designed to a custom length ideal for the user’s process.

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